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4 Days of Sunnyvale Shenanigans. 1 Dysfunctional Family. Infinite WTF Moments. Best Vacation of Your Year.

Tell the winter to screw off next March and head for Sunnyvale like you’ve never seen it! The Trailer Park Boys, Bubbles, Ricky, & Julian are ditching Sunnyvale and hitting the high seas with some very special friends for a 4-day cruise to a private island in the Bahamas. The Boys are parking the trailer in Tampa, Florida and hitching a ride on the beautiful Norwegian Pearl from March 6-10, 2019, as they set sail to crystally-clear Great Stirrup Cay, Bahamas.

Your new floating party palace, Norwegian Pearl, has all the amenities and accommodations you need for smooth, drunk sailing. With a piss-free pool and hot tubs to chill in, multiple bars and lounges for pub crawling and grindin', a Julian-approved "Moneyvale" casino that could set you up for retirement, luxuriously rich-y type spa services to help cure any hangover, an endless supply of the best food you'll ever eat, and MORE.

It’s a 4-day vacation PLUS an immersive experience with the Trailer Park Boys!

“It’s like getting two birds stoned at once.” - Ricky

"We're going on one of those big cocksuckers out on the ocean!?" - Bubbles

"Let's set sail, we're not going to jail!" - Julian

Cruise Itinerary

(Subject to change)

When booking flights we recommend that you arrive in Tampa no later than 12:00pm on March 6. Return flights should be arranged to leave Tampa after 12:00pm on March 10.

**Please allow additional time for customs clearance for international flights.

  • Wednesday, March 6
    Depart Tampa, FL
    (approx 3:30pm ET)
  • Thursday, March 7
    Day at Sea
  • Friday, March 8
    Great Stirrup Cay
    (8am - 4:30pm ET)
  • Saturday, March 9
    Day at Sea
  • Sunday, March 10
    Arrive Tampa, FL
    (approx 8:00am ET)

Ahoy, Vacation!

Great Stirrup Cay

Great Stirrup Cay

Friday, March 8, 2019

It’s a fuckin' private island in the Bahamas! With its white sand, majestic palms, and clear blue waters it’s as awesome as it sounds. Grab a snorkel, hang a hammock, or enjoy a beachside barbeque while you soak in the rays!

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